DRI concentrates on medicines that matter – pursuing deals for long-duration patent-protected commercial assets that provide significant clinical benefits. Investors gain DRI’s proven experience selecting and acquiring high-quality biopharma products, benefiting from the growth trends in life sciences while limiting the risks and costs connected to drug development.

Partners in Innovation

Typically seeking to mitigate risk because their royalty entitlement often makes up a substantial portion of their net worth. They also sell royalties to accelerate cash flows for estate planning purposes or to pursue personal endeavors such as philanthropy.

View royalty monetization and revenue interest transactions as an attractive financing alternative to support the companies’ research and development efforts, to bridge cash flow needs, and to accelerate the recognition of royalty revenues.

Often monetize royalty streams to mitigate risk, to generate funds that can be re-invested in research, to fund capital projects or to remove perceived conflicts.

Target Focus

Products that exhibit a safe and efficacious profile and are medically necessary for patients to improve their health or quality of life, delivering a meaningful impact to the patient population. These products are typically used to treat chronic, critical or rare diseases.

Products with strong patent and/or regulatory protection and focus on products protected from generic or biosimilar competition.

Products that are market leaders in their therapeutic area, with commercial track record and strong growth potential.

Products that are sold by high quality marketers. This includes large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and companies with a particular expertise in a specific, relevant segment of the pharmaceutical industry or therapeutic area.

Unique Approach

We take the time to build relationships with potential partners including individual inventors, academic and research institutions and life sciences companies. In so doing, we complete transactions tailored to each royalty recipient’s unique needs and circumstances.

Over our 32-year history, DRI has built and maintained a proprietary database of over 6,500 royalties on over 2,000 products that gives us significant market intelligence in identifying royalties to add to our portfolio and the inventors and institutions that own them.

Collectively, our professional team has over 150 years of combined experience. The team holds deep life sciences industry expertise drawn from a variety of disciplines including pharmaceutical, scientific, financial, healthcare, intellectual property and legal backgrounds. The breadth and depth of our team allows us to identify unique attractive opportunities for growth and conduct comprehensive due diligence on such investments.

Every innovator is different, so we tailor our solutions to their needs. We deliver unique, creative and flexible deal structures that may include designing delayed payment structures, sharing in potential upside and/or risk or otherwise addressing specific objectives.

Throughout our history, DRI has developed a sterling reputation with royalty sellers through our proven capability to execute on transactions, and with investors due to our ability to identify attractive opportunities to acquire assets accretively.